Tejiendo Redes Infancia

Call of girls, boys and adolescents to the State of Brazil

06 / September / 2019

We, the children and adolescents from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela gathered at the Regional Meeting of children and adolescents , promoted by REDLAMYC, Latin American and Caribbean Network for the Defense of the Rights of Children and Adolescents on August 22-26, 2019, in Mexico City, with the aim of fighting for the right to participation of children and adolescents in all decision-making spaces, in accordance with the provisions of the UN International Children's Convention, of which the countries that make up this network are signatories, We want to express our concern about the withdrawal of rights and the decline in public policy of Brazilian children and adolescents, going against the Statute of girls, boys and adolescents.

For this reason, we express our concern regarding:

  1. The total paralysis of Conanda - National Council for the Rights of children and adolescents in Brazil, since, since January of this year, and to date, it is not working, causing a serious dismantling of the policy of attention to the childhood of that country.
  2. The total cut of public financing for the policy of girls, boys and adolescents.
  3. The prohibition, in the field of public education, to address issues related to sexual education of girls, boys and adolescents, despite its effectiveness for their self-protection against sexual violence.
  4. The lack of public policies that face the extermination of the black, poor and marginalized youth of Brazil.
  5. The constant attacks on the defenders of the human rights of children and adolescents, such as the murder of the Councilor of Rio de Janeiro, Marielle Franco.
  6. The silencing of the voices of girls, boys and adolescents, preventing the full participation and leadership of the child-youth population in the conquest of civil, political, social, environmental, economic and cultural rights.

We cannot tolerate the promotion and protection of the rights of children and adolescents in Brazil being weakened or withdrawn by governments that claim to be democratic, especially not complying with the international and Brazilian legal frameworks that ensure the social protection of children and adolescents in this country.


The girls, boys and adolescents representing 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

More information in: https://redlamyc.org/seminariointernacional03/

Media contact:

Verónica Morales, Regional Communication Officer #TejiendoRedesInfancia +52 1 55 5620 9309

LABELS: #TejiendoRedesChildhood | International Convention of the Child UN | Rights for children and childhood | InfanciaLatina.org | Ollin.tv


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