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Children and adolescents propose changes to the States to prioritize their human rights

18 / November / 2018

  • Children and adolescents met in Rio de Janeiro to talk about their practices of leading participation and how to influence to change their reality.
  • More than 180 representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay participated

The Latin American and Caribbean Network for the Defense of Children and Adolescents @REDLAMYC, held from November 15 to 18, 2018, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil the Encounter of girls, boys and adolescents from the South Sub region. More than 180 representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay participated in the event.

During the meeting, children and adolescents spoke about the situation of childhood and adolescence in each country, about participatory experiences in the subregion, in addition to positioning themselves on priority issues such as the right to health, education, the right to a life free of violence , right to equality and non-discrimination.

They positioned proposals that imply that the states of the region prioritize the rights of boys and girls, that the states allocate more investment to guarantee their rights and the need to strengthen the National Systems for the Comprehensive Protection and Guarantee of the rights of boys and girls and teenagers.

Ronald Rodríguez, 17 years old from Uruguay, stated that at the meeting “We strengthen knowledge, we exchange with other countries and we know what is happening in other countries and we try to improve it. We with all the opinions that we are learning, debating and identifying the importance of our rights.

Graciela Amparo Campos Silva, 12 years old from Chile came to the meeting to talk about the children of Chile “So that we have a better world, without violence, where all children have the same rights and our voices are heard by adults so that it reaches the president, the state to act, any action that can improve the world and help us U.S. We are not well now. We want everyone to be well, not just those with money ”.

For Ángeles Belén Cowan, 17 years old from Paraguay said that "I am getting to know the reality of different parts of Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay and thus I am also bringing the problem or what we are experiencing in our country, Paraguay and we can share our experiences with other countries and also bring the experiences of other countries to my group of adolescents, my group of boys and girls. "

Laureano Martin Silva, 16 years old from Argentina said that “He got to know many of the problems of other countries that they show us. Argentina goes through many problems, there is a cut in adolescent health. There was a budget that they do not want to implement. I will bring from the meeting many realities, a lot of knowledge, practices, to continue fighting for our rights as children and adolescents ”.

Heloisa Ramos, 17 years old from Brazil pointed out that “It is extremely important that children and adolescents become aware of the importance of protagonism, so that public policies are effective, guaranteeing the right to education, health, housing, among other rights. And also in the fight against all forms of discrimination and prejudice. "

The adolescents of the subregion also experienced the local culture and accompanied and accompanied by the first Samba School in Brazil, the Estácio de Sá, they transformed their claims into lyrics, music and dance as forms of expression. Likewise, the adolescents collectively built a letter addressed to the States of the Region, with their concerns and proposals to be presented at the next Meeting of High Authorities of Human Rights of Mercosur, in particular within the framework of the initiative Niñ @ Sur , to be held in Argentina, in 2019. The Activity had the support of the European Union, Save the Children and Plan of Brazil, through the project Weaving Childhood Networks.

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